Life Choices Educational Talks

Life Choices

Our Motivation 

The Primary motivation of our Life Choices awareness talks; so many young people lives are destroyed by premature sexual activity, crisis pregnancy, abortion and sexually transmitted infections.

The purpose

Our Life Choices awareness talks, is to help young people to make healthy, responsible choices in the area of sex and unplanned pregnancy.
based on:

  • Accurate, balanced information regarding the physical  and emotional consequences of casual sexual relationships.
  • An awareness of their inherent value as unique individuals.
  • An understanding of the value of human life.

Our Goal and Desire 

  • Equip young people to make good, informed choices
  • Explore fully the risk and effects of premature sexual activity
  • Promote Neo Life, a safe place for young people to come for help and support
  • Choose Life Talks

    • Relationship, Dating
    • Why say No to Sex before marriage
    • True Love vs False Love
    • Teenage Pregnancy Discussions
      • Baby development after conception
      • Pregnancy and alcohol
      • Pregnancy and smoking
      • Pregnancy and substance abuse
      • HIV AIDS
      • Sexual Transmitted Diseases